Keep more of your money and stay ahead of rising utility rates. The Gill uses W.A.V.E® technology, a proprietary in-line water savings device for high volume water users. Apartments, hotels, college dorms and other high-density facilities will benefit from the Gill.



Before The Gill

Air bubbles naturally accumulate in water pipes. Both the air and water flow through and are measured by the meter. The meter does not differentiate air from water and you pay for both. 


After The Gill

The Gill is installed in the property owner’s water pipe, within 100' of each meter. The Pressure from the Gill compresses the air in the water on the opposite side of the meter. The air no longer maintains its volume, resulting in less air and more water passing through the meter. You reduce your costs and do not pay for air.



Air in your water system

By the time water reaches your meter, air may have entered the labyrinth of pipes through turbulence, friction and leaks.  The meter measures both water and air, meaning you pay for the air in the water.

Overspin & water meters

With air in the system, the meter may not have a hard stop and could overspin, causing you to pay for more water than is being used. 


Fluctuations in water pressure

More water than needed is used when you have fluctuations in water pressure, which also causes greater wear and tear on fixtures.

With The Gill Installed

Air through and over spinning of the meter are reduced and pressure is kept within the optimal range, so you only pay for water used and maintenance costs are reduced.



Stop flushing money down the drain.

Your plumber installs the Gill with us on site, to properly place the Gill into the pipe. We document the entire process, including pre- and post-pressure readings to insure the integrity of your system. If you do not reduce your water usage, we will remove the Gill and either pay or reimburse you for the costs of installation and removal.


You only pay if you save.

Before installation, we will conduct an analysis of potential savings from your historical and projected water use, wastewater charges and occupancy rates.  After installation of the Gill, we monitor water and wastewater through your utilities’ bills, as well as occupancy rates you provide. You lease the Gill and only pay if you save.



The Gill Guarantee


Each Gill comes with a Lifetime Warranty, backed by $5,000,000 of insurance.

Custom made in the United States.